Soft Zjazz_cuda miner (SUQA)

В новой версии zjazz_cuda_win64_0.991, появилась тестовая поддержка алгоритма X22I для майнинга монеты SUQA. Программа, имеет более высокую производительность по сравнению с ccminer в алгоритме X22I.
Скачать zjazz_cuda miner

-a, --algo arg Algorithm to mine

-b, --api-bind arg Set API ip and port. Supports setting only ip, only port or ip:port. Setting to 0 will disable API. Default value is

-d, --device arg Select device # to mine with. Use it as many times as needed, once per device. For example: -d 0 -d 1 -d 4 will use devices #0 #1 and #4. Default value is all.

--debug-info Prints debug messages

-l, --license Print license

-L, --log-file arg Name of the filename to append output text

-g, --gpu-threads arg Number of threads per GPU. Default value is

--device-gpu-threads arg Number of threads for a specific GPU. It will set the number of threads for the last device specified with the -d/--device option. For example "-d 0 --device-gpu-threads 3" will use 3 threads for the first device

--gpu-timeout arg Timeout in seconds to consider a GPU has been hanged. If all mining selected GPUs are hanged then the program will quit. Default value is 90sec

-h, --help Print command line options

--hashrate-per-gpu Prints hashrate info per GPU device

-n, --ndevs Print a list of available GPU devices

--no-color Dummy option, will be ignored. The reason of supporting this option as a valid command line argument is to make the miner compatible with
EthMonitoring when using ccminer API.

-o, --url arg URL of mining server

-p, --pass arg Mining server password

-R, --retry-pause arg Time int seconds to wait before restablishing the connection. Default value is 30 for 1 pool, 5 if more than 1 pool is used.

--disable-restart-on-gpu-error Miner will not auto-restart itself when a gpu error is found

-u, --user arg Mining server username

Cuckoo Algorithm options:

--cuckoo-cpu-assist-min Use the minimum CPU required assist GPU (decrements CPU usage)

--cuckoo-cpu-assist-disabled CPU will not assist GPU (no CPU usage). This is a experimental feature, not recomended for now.

--cuckoo-intensity arg Intensity for Cuckoo. Bigger intensity will use more GPU memory. Also, depending on the intensity some specific optimizations are applied

automatically. Available values are 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 30. Default value is 15.

cuckoo Merit
bitcash Bitcash
x22i SUQA

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